Uusi kulottuvuus wins the Art Goes Metsä installation competition

Metsä Group press release 2 March 2018

In early 2018, Metsä Group held Art Goes Metsä, a competition for students at Aalto University and the Institute of Design at Lahti University of Applied Sciences to create a unique work of art for the visitor centre under construction in Äänekoski. The entries were required to make use of Metsä Group’s products – pulp, tissue paper, baking and cooking papers, and/or paperboard – in innovative ways.

The Art Goes Metsä competition inspired a large number of young designers to take part. According to the jury of experienced design professionals, the entries were of a high quality, and the top three were particularly praiseworthy. The jury were unanimous about the winner, Uusi kulottuvuus (“Controlled Fire”).

Its concept arises from values and aesthetic themes related to controlled burning, with its cloud-like shape symbolising smoke from a controlled fire. The work is made from pulp, which has been turned into a dense, foam-like material that is so thin as to be almost translucent in places.

“This work stood out, particularly because of its strong visual expression and technical implementation. The seven-metre installation is a delicate, yet bold work of art that is ideal for a space with ample natural light. The jury appreciated this spatial dimension in particular – the work can be examined and experienced from many directions. All in all, the winning entry best met the themes of the brief,” says Kari Korkman, CEO of Helsinki Design Week and a member of the Art Goes Metsä jury.

“Our new innovation centre, Pro Nemus, is an important project for us. It enables us to familiarise our numerous guests with Metsä Group’s operations and products, and it illustrates our active innovation efforts by means of multimedia and exhibitions, for example. The Art Goes Metsä competition attracted many impressive entries, and the winning entry makes the architecturally interesting space truly unique,” says Riikka Joukio, SVP, Sustainability and Corporate Affairs at Metsä Group, who served as chair of the jury.

The winning entry was designed by Karoliina Heikkinen, Tomi Jeskanen, Annamiia Suominen and Daniela Weintraub from Aalto University. They have been studying the opportunities offered by pulp within the multidisciplinary CHEMARTS programme. A production plan will be prepared for the installation next. The completed work of art will be on display at the Pro Nemus centre, which will open in Äänekoski in June. The centre will be open to forest owners, customers, students and other stakeholders invited by Metsä Group. It is expected to be visited by thousands of people each year.

Two honorary mentions were issued in the competition, to Eveliina Juuri and Heikki Konu for Outa and to Emilia Lonka, Rosa-Maria Majuri, Tiina Malinen and Maria Mielonen for Taivaankannen kannattelija (“Holder of the Heavens”).

More information is available on the Art Goes Metsä website.

Photo: Metsä Group

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