Metsä Group to build visitor centre at its Äänekoski mill site

Metsä Group press release 23 November 2017

Metsä Group will build a visitor centre in the area of its Äänekoski mills. The centre will provide a cross-sectional view of the Group – its operations, products and innovations – in an experiential, memorable way. The centre will be opened next summer, and is intended for Metsä Group’s various stakeholders.

In the visitor centre, the story of Metsä will be told through entertaining and informative experiences, exhibitions and installations. The centre plans to offer virtual mill tours, a harvester simulator, information about sustainable forest use and the ecosystem of the bioproduct mill, tools for creating ideas and actual end products made from wood, among many other features. The building will be an impressive architectural reference to Metsä Group’s wood products.

In addition, a work of art made from paperboard, tissue paper and pulp will be placed in the lobby. A contest will be held in December among design students for the design. The idea is to present significant Finnish forest industry products in a creative new way.

“After a long transition period, Metsä Group is focusing on its core business operations, which have promising growth outlooks. We can be proud of all of this. The visitor centre in Äänekoski will be a unique opportunity for us to share our Group’s success story and information about the vitality and future of the Finnish forest industry,” says Juha Laine, SVP, Communications, Metsä Group.

For further information, please contact:
Camilla Wikström
VP, Mill Manager, Metsä Group bioproduct mill

Photos: Metsä Group


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