Accommodation for bioproduct mill construction site

Metsä Group's bioproduct mill project accommodation will be arranged in Äänekoski in Palomäki area accommodation village. At the moment constructions of the first accommodation units are ongoing in the Palomäki area and first units will be ready for use by the end of January 2016. The rooms are available only for persons officially working and registered in the Metsä Group's bioproduct mill construction site.

Totally there will be 8 buildings and 400 bed places in the accommodation village. Rooms are mainly single rooms but also double rooms are available. Well equipped rooms include all basic maintenances: furniture, bedclothes, towels, cleaning service and WiFi.

Location of the village is ideal, with 1 kilometer distance to the construction site and less than 1 kilometer to the Äänekoski city centre.

Accommodation units are built of Metsä Wood Kerto®-products by Termater Oy. Accommodation operator is Rental Store Finland Oy.

Manpower at the bioproduct mill construction site is currently around 500 persons and is expected to grow up to 2 500 persons during fall 2016.

More information about the accommodation village can be found and reservations made via Rental Store Finland website:

Illustration view of the Palomäki area accommodation buildings and village in Äänekoski. Picture by Rental Store Finland Oy.


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